Our Services


KSC is always up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in the fields of marketing and public relations. For this reason, the services we offer are constantly evolving. The list below is a sampling of what we do.


  • Strategic Planning: This is one of our favorite ways to engage with our clients. We know how much work can go into completing a big project or meeting a lofty goal … that’s why we help our clients fulfill their communications needs in the most efficient and effective ways possible. We’ll start with research, and work with you to formulate a plan for influencing your key audiences. No matter how long the plan takes to implement, we’ll stick with you every step of the way.
  • Website Creation: Your website is often the first contact a new customer has with your business, and we’ll make sure it leaves a good impression. Rather than simply hiring a programmer, with KSC you get the whole package. Our talented designer, programmer and copywriter will work together to make sure that your website is beautiful, functional and effective at getting your point across. We’ll optimize your site for search engines to ensure that you get the page views you deserve, and we’ll equip your fully-responsive site with built-in analytics so you know where those views are coming from. Plus, we use WordPress CMS so you’ll be able to manage your site yourself if you choose to.
  • Digital & Print Advertising: Our experienced graphic designer and copywriter will work together to create digital and print ads that will convey your message and convince your new and existing customers. We love crafting beautiful billboards and clever email campaigns, but we know that results are what matter to you. We’ll ensure all your ad campaigns are effective at targeting the audiences you want to reach in terms of both messaging and placement.
  • Internal Communications: From Google to Walt Disney, many of today’s leading companies are famous for the working cultures they’ve created. If you’re interested in making large-scale changes to your corporate culture, we can help. We’re also available to assist on a smaller scale, and have extensive experience producing newsletters, drafting speeches and crafting communications that help you connect with your most valuable asset … your employees.
  • Media Relations: Whether you’re looking to increase your press coverage, manage incoming media requests or conduct media training for your staff, look no further than KSC. We have nearly two decades of experience working with local and national media. Our in-house copywriter, who has worked for major outlets including NBC and Sports Illustrated, will write press releases and pitches on your behalf.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Your social media accounts can be great resources for connecting with your clients, but they can also be a lot of work to develop and maintain. No matter what your social media goal — whether you want to build an online following, cultivate your relationship with your clients and fans, or debut a social media ad campaign – we can help.
  • Branding: When it comes to launching a new venture, there are plenty of choices to be made. Deciding how to brand your business is easily one of the most important. KSC can work with you as a consultant to ensure that your communications and advertising plans will send the right message to the right people. If you’re simply in the market for a new logo and tagline, we can also help. KSC has completed several successful re-brandings of existing companies over the years, and we offer all of the services – from website creation to internal communications – that it takes to accomplish an effective rebrand.
  • Multimedia Storytelling: As consumers continue to become more and more skeptical of traditional advertising, it’s growing increasingly important for businesses to get their messages across in new and inventive ways. That’s where we can help. KSC has experience in all aspects of multimedia storytelling, and we know how to put it to work for you. From video production and blogging to social media and web presence, we can help you tell your story in a way that ensures that your target audiences hear it.