About Us


The rewards of a marketing team that is dedicated to your success.

Your strategy to increase market share and overtake the competition.

Your advertising, public relations and marketing strategy.

Producing Real Results for An Ever-Changing World

Founded in 1998, KSC is a full-service communications firm focused on creating real connections between businesses, brands and people.

We are strategists who specialize in helping our clients tell their stories in ways that have impact and meaning for their customers.

Our strategies, tactics and tools are tailored to meet your needs.

KSC’s success has been built on getting the measurable results that our clients need. Whether you’re aiming to expand your business, attract attention to your product, connect more personally with your customers or even change your corporate culture, KSC has the skills and experience to help you achieve that end.

We frequently partner with in-house marketing and public relations departments to assist them in achieving specific goals. We’re also comfortable (have the experience and know-how) building and implementing marketing and public relations plans for clients who don’t have their own in-house team.

An award-winning firm, KSC continues to help a wide variety of clients affect positive change and produce real results.